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24.12.2003 - 6.1.2004

Scotty was in ...







Chiang Rai


Chiang Mai


Hua Hin




T h a i l a n d


Some people consider most of Asia, with the exception of Japan and small countries like Singapore and pre-reunified-with-China Hong Kong, the „developing“ world. Perhaps by western standards this is true. But my experience of Thailand was not that of visiting a “primitive” country, although parts of the land outside the city were less “modern”. Thailand, to me, appeared to be a proud and prosperous country - a stable country in a region where other countries (Viet Nam, Cambodia, Burma, Laos) have been either colonized or broken apart by war, which has resulted in their remaining poor. Thailand has never been a colony nor has it been ravaged by war.


The cities and countryside of Thailand impressed me greatly. While the photographs can hardly convey what it was like to actually be there (and to taste the fresh and wonderful food!), they will hopefully give an idea of how similar and yet different Thailand is in comparison to the United States, where I grew up in the northeast and lived also in California and Florida, and to Europe, where I live now in Germany. Thailand’s climate reminded me of Florida. Bangkok’s size and bustle reminded me of New York City, while its traffic and smog reminded me of Los Angeles.



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