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Scotty in ...

Scotty in Thailand


- 6.1.2004






Chiang Rai


Chiang Mai


Hua Hin




H u a   H i n

I had arrived in Bangkok on 22 December 2003. On the 27th we took our long four-day weekend trip to the north. Christmas is not officially celebrated in Thailand (although you will hear Christmas music in the bigger stores and people will say “Merry Christmas” to you if you are Farang - foreign). New Years, though, is an official holiday. A few days after our return to Bangkok, we were invited to New Years Eve dinner by Mu and we went to a nice restaurant along the Chao Phraya river where we ate tons of fresh seafood. At 10 or so we returned home for a quiet turning of the year (and a political speech from the prime minister that lasted right up until 11:59:59). On New Years Day Noraseth, Papa and I visited the various temples in Chinatown, where we paid our respects with lots of flowers, food, candles and incense.

The following weekend Mod, Papa, Noraseth and I drove to Hua Hin, just south of Bangkok where we visited a castle and shrine (Khao Wang) that had a bunch of aggressive monkeys hanging around just waiting to steal food right out of your hand. You can’t bother the monkeys, though, since they belong to the shrine and are therefore considered holy.

Phra Nakron Kheeree (Khao Wang)


After this we drove to a restaurant owned by the mother of a friend of Mod’s on an inlet and ate what was perhaps the freshest tasting and most mouth watering sea food I have ever encounted. This area is on the Gulf of Thailand and we stayed in a high-rise condo right on the beach for one evening before returning to Bangkok the next day. I gave Noraseth his first swimming lesson in the pool the next morning. The pool was only 1 meter deep, but he was still nervous. I was worried that he might have trouble when we went into the Gulf. But the Gulf is only about knee deep for several kilometers out and there is no real current or undertow. We sat in the water and splashed around as if we were in the bathtub. No danger there. This also reminded me a bit of Florida. But I still think he should learn how to swim - for the next trip!

Hua Hin


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