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Scotty in ...

Scotty in Thailand


- 6.1.2004






Chiang Rai


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Chiang Mai


Hua Hin




C h i a n g   R a i _ 2



We had a nice dinner sitting on mats on the promenade along the Mekhong with a view of dark and foreboding Laos on the other side. We had also, during the afternoon, crossed the border between Thailand and Burma (now called Myanmar by the current communist regime). We were only allowed into a small tourist zone along the border and then also only for two hours. Thais are allowed a little more freedom in this zone in that they can stay overnight at the local hotel and casino (gambling is illegal in Thailand but not in Burma). Americans, however, are very restricted and we were not able to stay long in Burma because of me.


Crossing the border with all the check points, scowling guards and questions was quite stressful (we had to leave our passports in Thailand and pick them up on the return trip, for instance) and the poverty in Burma was depressing. We stayed only twenty minutes.


This is truly something to do just to say you have done it - because it is “unofficial” and really not “allowed.” (Interesting note: a German student of mine and her German boyfriend have been granted visas to backpack in the interior of this country for two weeks in March. So not all foreigners are so restricted.)


We stayed in a nice mountain lodge style hotel in Mae Sai for our first night in the north. Our second day in area started with a longboat ride to a village where the native peoples of the area (“mountain tribe people” as they are called by the Thais) sell local handcrafts. Here we also visited a small elephant farm and actually took a ride. This was a highlight of the trip for Noraseth - he was smiling and laughing like a little kid (see the photos). On this second evening we checked into a hotel in the center of Chiang Rai and visited the tourist market and the local Thai market. The area had some tourists, but was not overrun, so we had a great time at the markets.  





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