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Scotty in ...

Scotty in Thailand


- 6.1.2004






Chiang Rai


Chiang Mai


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Hua Hin




C h i a n g   M a i


Here’s the city that’s overrun with tourists. Everything in and about Chiang Mai (New City) exists for the tourist trade. We visited the zoo and saw the Pandas on loan from China.

Pandas in Chiang Mai Zoo Pandas in Chiang Mai Zoo


And we had dinner at a "theme" restaurant where traditional Thai dancing was performed and where the food was “tourist bland”. (This stop was included as part of the package tour.) We also visited the tourist market, which was packed with tourists. Visiting this market was a bit less fun than the market in Chiang Rai. On the following morning, we visited another elephant farm. At this farm there was a show similar to what you might see at a place like “Seaworld” in the United States (but with elephants instead of whales).


My American friend Ricky Boscarino has told me that “Bangkok is like the New York of Thailand, and Chiang Mai is like Boston.” He’s a bit off the mark. I think Chiang Mai is more like the Orlando of Thailand. As we sat at the airport the next afternoon and waited to board our return flight to Bangkok, Mod spoke a few words of English with me while Noraseth and Papa were off visiting a magazine store. We agreed that we both liked Chiang Rai much more than Chiang Mai. (Mod especially loved the Queen Mother’s Palace.)



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