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The Family


Scotty in Thailand


- 6.1.2004






Chiang Rai


Chiang Mai


Hua Hin




Formal Thai names are rarely used among family and friends. I knew this already from meeting Noraseth’s Thai friends in Kassel at the university. In his family, his father is called “Papa”, he is called “Man”, his sister is “Mod” (pronounced more like “mot” - it means “ant”) and his brother is “Mu” (pig). Mu lives a few miles from the family home in the old apartment over the storefront where he and Papa operate their glass and framing business and where Mod operates her travel agency.


Although I knew it would be hard to communicate directly, I had no reservations about meeting Noraseth’s family. I knew we would all get along fine - and I was right. But could we travel together? Even before I arrived we had planned to travel as a group of four to North Thailand (Mu remained in Bangkok). This was also the first time Noraseth and his father and sister would be visiting this area. We turned out to be an easy-going group and had a great time. At first the family was worried that I would have special tourist needs regarding food (i.e., that I’d need to eat at “tourist” restaurants, where the food is bland and more expensive). But I quickly earned compliments for my eagerness and ability to eat at the cheap street-side stands and cafes where the Thais eat - and where the food is fresh and tasty. Mod had booked us a private package tour (a van, driver and tour guide just for us four), so we were met at the airport in Chiang Rai and ferryed around for four days.



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