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Scotty in Thailand


- 6.1.2004






Chiang Rai


Chiang Mai


Hua Hin






When I got back to (cold, gray and rainy) Kassel, I was asked by some of my students what the best part of the trip was. The best part of the trip for me was the honor of being allowed to stay with and travel with the family. I had such a real experience of family life in Bangkok and some of the best times I enjoyed were not when we were travelling around, but when we were just relaxing at (or cleaning) the house, going to market to pick up food for dinner, sitting around or falling asleep in front of the TV (even though I couldnt understand a word), reading, etc. That they included me in their lives so simply without any issue or discussion made my first visit to Thailand more fun than it otherwise might have been. And I thank them for it.



D. Scott Humphries, Kassel 24.02.2004